Landscape Architecture

Donald A. Davis Park & Lincoln County Vietnam Memorial

Newport, OR
Photo Credits: 
Fred Glick Design PLLC
"Sunset Magazine even cited the Newport Bay Front as the best waterfront in the west. Mr. Glick's involvement in the Peninsula Plan made that happen."
—Michael Shoberg, Planning Director
Recognized by: KPTV Channel 12 (Portland), the Oregonian, Sunset Magazine

Dedicated to the stewardship of Mr. Don Davis during his 29 years as City Manager, the park is an oceanfront public open space designed to allow the visitor to experience the enormous power of the Pacific Ocean, while walking along a 400-foot blufftop trail situated 80 ft above Newport beach. An enclosed pergola was located at the north end of the park, with the large, bronze sundial at the southern end. The sundial serves as a pedestrian circulation fulcrum, from which visitors can walk between the bluff-top path and the path down to Newport Beach past 22 benches, each set into the bluff. The benches commemorate Lincoln County soldiers killed in Vietnam. Mr. Glick led project design working with Don Davis, the project architect (pergola) and project artist (bronze sundial). The sundial casts a shadow on a poem etched in concrete at its base at the moment the Vietnam War ended. Also see Newport Peninsula Urban Design Plan.